10 March 2011

Wow! There are laptops Controlled Eye Movement

Wow! There are laptops Controlled Eye Movement
Swedish computer company, Tobii Technology Inc. to make future laptop prototype that uses eye tracking technology.

Like the eye with a laser beam, the laptop is able to translate the eye and know what you're looking at the screen, like a game where you can burn something through the eye.

In a demonstration, it appears the computer scrolling text on the screen in response to eye movements, looks like the sense when the reader reaches the end of the text.

In the future, the laptop can make the mouse cursor appear where you are looking for or create a character game to maintain eye contact with you.

Rays eye tracker to work with two invisible infrared light leads to your eye. There are two hidden cameras to find the movement of your eyeball and reflected from each retina. But the eyes need to be calibrated in advance to everyone. Remarkably, these screens work for people with or without glasses.

"Tracking the eyes can be a complement rather than substitute for traditional mouse, keyboard or touch screen later. Besides making computers faster, also more efficient to use," said Barbara Barclay, general manager Tobii Analysis Solutions business.

Initially, the Tobii eye tracker to make devices to help researchers and people with disabilities for almost a decade. Laptops are a way to show that the eye tracker to expand the outer gap. Barclay referred to it as a "generator of ideas."

The laptop made by Lenovo Corp. and Tobii eye tracker camera combine in a "hump" on the cover, so the unit becomes thick twice normal laptop. But in the future, the commercial version is made more slender.

"Probably two years away," said Barclay.

According to Barclay, Tobii spend up to tens of thousands of dollars to make eye tracker, if the consumer increases, the cost of the laptop increasing the eye tracker into a commercial into fewer